Tuesday 1 May 2012

Trip to Bandhavgarh

We were vacationing in Bhopal when we decided to make a trip to Bandhavgarh and later to Chhatisgarh. Since we did not have our vehicle, the trip was a combination of trains and rented vehicles.
We take Narmada Express from Bhopal which leaves Bhopal around 11 PM and reaches Umaria station in the morning around 10 AM. We were staying at Skay's Camp. Here is my review of the place. The resort had sent us a vehicle to pick up at Umaria. We were in the resort by around 2PM.
We decide to do safari's immediately on reaching.
Here are some of the pictures from safari.

We had only one safari scheduled for this day that was in the morning. Some of the pictures from from Safari and rest of them are from the resort itself.

Today we again had only one safari and it was evening safari.

We had an interesting incident during this safari, a eagle was trying hunt a jungle fowl and an interesting battle of wits ensued.
Today we had two safaris scheduled, One in the morning session and another in evening session.

Chapatis for Elephant


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