Wednesday 15 May 2013

Travelog: Seven Jyotirlings and other stuff, 14 days Part 14/14

01-May-2013 The plan was to start early morning but the fatigue of long drives was finally catching up. We decided to sleep late and could start only by 10:00AM.
The road exiting Pune were really crowded, my guess was probably people who do daily commute and were going to their offices.

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11:05AM We got clear of Pune city traffic.
Sai International
12:52PM Crossed Satara
1:31PM Crossed Karad
2:00PM Reached Yelur. There is a decent restaurant called Sai International here. We stopped here for Lunch.
2:45PM Left the restaurant.
3:15PM Crossed Kolhapur
3:30PM Crossed Kagal
4:30PM Crossed Belgaum City. Just after Belgaum, we filled the fuel and continued on.
Kamat Upachar
5:30PM Crossed Belur
5:45PM Crossed Dharwad
6:05PM Crossed Hubli
6:56PM Crossed Haveri
7:15PM Crossed Renebennur
7:45PM Crossed Harihar
7:55PM Crossed Davangere
8:40PM Crossed Chitradurga
9:15PM Crossed Hiriyur
9:45PM Crossed Sira
10:00PM Stopped at Kamat Upachar just after Sira. Stopped for dinner here.
10:25PM Started from the Kamat Upachar.
11:15PM Crossed Tumkur city.
11:50PM Crossed Neelamangala
11:55PM Got on to NICE road. Because it was just few days before elections, we were stopped on NICE road for a checking.
1:05AM Reached Home.

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