Friday 31 October 2014

Short excursion to Hesaraghatta

After diwali we decide to undertake a short excursion to Hesaraghatta, Nrityagram. We had decided to stay in Taj Kuteeram for couple of days and just walk around the place. Here is my review of the hotel.
Since the hotel check-in time was around 2PM, we left home at around 12:30pm.
We decided to take NICE road from hosur road and the get off at Tumkur road. Google map shows the correct location to the place but it routes through smaller roads. There are wider roads to the place. While going we followed Google Map but while coming back we followed a different path to reach NICE road.

2:15pm Reached Taj Kuteeram
There is really nothing much to do here apart from lazing around. Here are some of the photos of the place.
We did visit the Nrityagram but we were allowed just to take a walk because some big performance was scheduled on that and tickets were Rs. 1000 per head.
Water tank in Kuteeram


Lawn in Kuteeram

Water feature in Kuteeram

Structure in Kuteeram

Tree with place to play

Old car in Nrityagram


Place to walk around

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