Thursday 29 October 2015

Andamans 2015, Day 7, Inglish Island, Scuba Dive

This was the dive day. We were supposed to reach dive center early morning and the dive was planned for an island around one and half hours away from Havelock.
Barefoot Scuba are very professional about their job. We reached early, you have to fill some indemnity documentation  and after that they explain the theoretical aspects of Scuba. Then we left for the scuba site. After around one and half hour we arrived at a small island called Inglis island.
Initially there is around 15-20 minutes of training with actual equipment where they cover things like what to do if you lose the regulator, how to remove water from goggles etc. Then the actual dive starts which lasts around 35-40 minutes depending on the comfort level of the diver.
Each individual is accompanied with one instructor and they take care of fiddling with finer aspects of the scuba equipment like adjusting the BCD etc.
Here is a complete video of scuba dive followed by some pictures from the day.

Resort early morning

Walk across the beach

Dive center

Boat ride to island

Learning how to put regulator back

Learning how to put regulator back

Our friendly nemo

Nemo again

Fish in corel

On the way back

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