Monday 18 January 2016

Christmas 2015 - AIM - 2015 Day 13, Bhopal to Bengaluru

Finally last day of the drive, we start from Bhopal and end in Bengaluru

4:45 AM Left Bhopal got on to ring road and on Hoshangabad road.
5:45 AM On to Hoshangabad road
6:00 AM Crossed Obaidullagunj
6:35 AM Crossed Hoshangabad
6:55 AM Crossed Itarsi
8:15 AM Crossed Betul
9:35 AM Crossed Savner
9:55 AM Entered Nagpur
10:30 AM Exited Nagpur
11:30 AM Reached Hinganghat
12:55 PM  Reached outskirts of Adilabad
1:41 PM Stopped at a dhaba near Nirmal for lunch
2:10 PM Started back on highway
3:10 PM Crossed Nizamabad
4:30 PM Entered Hyderabad Ring Road
5:50 PM Reached Hill Park restaurant near Mahboobnagar
6:50 PM Crossed Mahboobnagar
8:05 PM Crossed Kurnool
9:03 PM Crossed Gooty
10:05 PM  Crossed Anantpur
10:48 PM Crossed Penukonda
11:45 PM Crossed Chikkaballapur
12:10 AM Entered Bengaluru ring road
12:45 AM Reached Home.

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