Friday 15 January 2016

Christmas 2015 - Day 1, Bengaluru to Hyderabad

I was driving along, so started after half days work in office.
1:45 PM I started from home towards Hyderabad. I am used to starting the drive early in the morning, this time I was starting in afternoon and the traffic at the start of the drive was a great dampner.

2:30 PM Crossed Hebbal flyover and got onto the road towards airport.
2:55 PM Crossed the airport toll.
3:00 PM There was a road blockade by local farmers few kilometers before Chikkaballapur. Waited there for the blockade to lift.
3:50 PM There was no sign of blockade lifting, so decide to explore alternate routes. One route that showed up on google maps was going via Nandi Hills, so decided to take that road.
4:30 PM Joined the NH just after Chikkaballapur. In the whole exercise lost almost one hour.
5:00 PM Crossed Bagepalli
6:10 PM Crossed Anantapur
6:30 PM Saw a new food court called Blue Moon restaurant just before the Reliance. Stopped there for Tea. It is a good clean place for food. Can't comment on the quality of food because I just had tea.
6:50 PM Started towards Hyderabad.
8:00 PM Crossed Kurnool
9:15 PM Stopped at Bharati 97 Food n Fuels. It is one of those rare places on this highway where both petrol station and a decent restaurant with clean toilets etc is there.
10:45 PM Got on to ORR in Hyderabad, the day's stop was at a Oyo Rooms hotel in Gachibowli.  The hotels itself is not great but was sufficient for a night's sleep.

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