Tuesday 18 October 2016

Day 8 -- Sagar to Nagpur

We had made a plan to visit Sagar university just to have a drive through.

We left university at around 12:15 PM, reached hotel, had lunch and then set off for Nagpur.
2:00 PM  We left Sagar and joined the NH-44 towards Kanyakumari.
4:00 PM We crossed Narsingpur.
5:00 PM We crossed Lakhnadon.
While driving we saw that the road is good and we continued on NH-44, the road gets really bad some 140-150 kilometers before Nagpur.

If you end up going on NH-44 towards Nagpur, a good place to stop is MPTDC Rookhad Highway treat.
The road is really really bad and it takes more than two hours to traverse the road of less than 60 kilometers.
08:40 PM Reached hotel. Here is my review for the hotel.

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