Sunday 22 January 2017

Day 10 -- Sagar to Bangalore

The original plan was to drive up to Hyderabad on this day. We started early at around 5:15 AM.
During our last drive, we had taken this route till Nagpur, but the road was pretty bad 100 kilometers around Nagpur. We were advised that it is better to take Narsingpur-Chhindwara route.
7:00 AM We reached Narsingpur. We were told to find breakfast in Narsingpur, but we ignored that advice, at our own peril, thinking that we will find something on the way to Chhindwara. There is practically nothing on this route till Nagpur. Few dhabas that you see on the road don't open before Lunch.
8:25 AM Crossed Chhindwara.
10:00 AM We reached Nagpur. We were hungry, and we straightway drove to this place called The Breakfast Story. Unfortunately, that was an unfortunate decision. We waited there for quite some time, but the place was completely booked.
We finally left that place and reached Le Meridien at around 10:50 AM.
Five-star hotels are not good for doing things quickly. Since we had reached after their regular breakfast hours and before regular lunch hours, they told us they will cook something for us but it took quite some time. We could get out of this place only by 12:20 PM.
1:10 PM Crossed Hinghanghat. Bad roads start, at least some construction work is in progress, so there is hope that this section would improve in near future.
3:00 PM Crossed border, we see good roads again.
3:15 PMWe crossed Adilabad
3:55 PM We reached Singh is King Dhaba just around Nirmal. This has become our favorite place to stop on this section of road. The food is hot and quick.
At the time we also decide to not stop in Hyderabad. Even though we are running late, we decided that since our hotel has anyway canceled our booking and this is new year eve, it is better to continue driving and stop at Bengaluru.
7:15 PM Entered the ORR in Hyderabad and exited at 8:00 PM.
8:40 PM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day near Mahboobnagar for dinner.
11:10 PM Crossed Kurnool

Just before Gooty, we ushered in the new year.
12:50 AM We crossed Anantpur
1:33 AM We crossed Penukonda
2:30 AM We crossed Chikkaballapur
As we crossed the Airport, we realized that traffic police had closed all the flyovers as a precautionary measure on New year eve. So we had to crawl through till Hebbal.
3:30 AM We reached home.

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