Thursday 25 May 2017

Day 1 -- Bengaluru to Nagpur

06:00 AM We were on outer ring road towards Airport. Crossed the airport toll at 6:45 AM.

7:10 AM Stopped at Kamat in Chikkaballapur for the breakfast. It turned into a slightly longer break and we could leave around 7:50 AM.
9:30 AM Crossed Anantpur
9:45 AM Stopped at Bluemoon Highway restaurant.
12:55 PM Stopped at Bharathi 97 Food n Fuel for a small break. This place has a petrol bunk adjacent to it. The toilet facilities here are clean. This was a half an hour break.
2:20 PM Entered the Hyderabad Outer Ring Road, exited ORR at 3:05 PM.
3:25 PM Stopped at the Cafe Coffee Day for a break and some food. We prefer this place just for clean toilets etc. This is also adjacent to a petrol bunk so one can fill up if required.
As one drives towards TS-MH border, facilities dry up. There are no decent restaurant and toilet facilities. So we continued driving.
7:15 PM Stopped at a small Dhaba (Shiva Shakti Garden Family Restaurant) kind of place for some chai. Chai turned into pakora and it became slightly longer break. 40 minutes later we left the place.
10:20 PM We arrived at Le Meridien hotel in Nagpur which was our halt for the night. Here is my one of the earlier reviews of the property.
We had a quick dinner and retired for the day.

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