Friday 13 October 2017

Day 13 -- Leh Local

With the trip abandoned, there was very little else to do. We decided to stay one day in Leh to make sure that the car was picked up and we were there close by in case something went wrong.
We just aimlessly wandered around the town, caught up on sleep and pretty much did nothing useful.
Around 4:00 PM, the tow truck driver called us that he has reached the car.
Even though we had used BMW roadside assistance, the tow truck companies are all third party providers and the driver did not even know where the key goes. He could not take the hand break off. After a half an hour phone call, he was finally able to successfully pick up the car and take it.
We had dinner in the main market in a restaurant called Neha Snacks. Here is our review of the place.
Now we were free to leave Leh, end of an eventful trip.

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