Sunday 21 January 2018

Christmas 2017, Madhya Pradesh, Jal Mahotsav

We decided to have a lazy drive during Christmas of 2017. We had not planned on visiting too many places. The plan was to relax. We heard that Jal Mahotsav is going on in Hanuwantiya Tapu near Omkareshwar and it sounded like an interesting place to visit, so we decided to add that to our itinerary as well.
The schools were only closing by afternoon, so the plan was to drive up to Hyderabad on the first day. We got into something important at the last minute, by the time we left it was 3PM. We were immediately off towards Airport Road. We were all hungry but decided to cross the town before stopping for Lunch.
4:40 PM Crossed the Airport and stopped at Nandi Upachar. This was the first time we stopped at Nandi Upachar and compared to Kamath Upachar which used to be our primary stop point earlier, this is much better. Here is my review of the place.
5:30 PM Crossed Chikkaballapura.
6:20 PM Crossed Penukonda
7:10 PM Crossed Ananthpur.
7:40 PM Stopped at a newly opened Cafe Coffee Day just after the Marur Toll Plaza.
10:50 PM Stopped at the next Cafe Coffee Day at Stop N Go Food Plaza just after Pullur Toll Plaza.
12:50 AM Arrived at Oakwood Residence Kapil at Hyderabad.

9:15 AM Checked out of the hotel and quickly got on to ORR towards Nagpur.
10:59 AM Reached Divya Resort & Restaurant near Jangampally. It is a decent facility on this highway for a break.
1:30 PM Stopped at Punjabi Dhaba near HP Petrol Station. This is just a typical Dhaba with decent food. The restrooms in the petrol station are not in very good shape.
5:11 PM Reached Le Meredien Hotel in Nagpur and checked in.

The original plan was to getup quickly and be on our way but we decided to chill and take it easy.
10:28 AM Checked out from the hotel and left towards Bhopal.
1:30 PM Stopped at Hotel Meghna and Restaurant just near Betul.
5:20 PM Reached Bhopal

We had to leave to Indore for Oil Change for my car. Since Bhopal doesn't have any service station for my car, I had to go to Indore for the same.
8:00 AM Left from Home towards Indore.
11:30 AM Reached the car dealer. The job was simple, just a simple oil change but it still took couple of hours to get it done.
1:20 PM With the job done, left for Bhopal.
3:30 PM Stopped at Sol Retreat for a quick snack.
5:00 PM Reached back home.

This was a chillout day.

This was another chillout day.

Next couple of days were for a trip to Hanuwantiya.
8:00 AM Left to Indore Road.
12:15 PM Reached Indira Sagar Hydal Power Plant.

Here is the 360 degree view of the Indira Sagar Hydal Power Plant.

After few pictures, we carry on.
1:30 PM We reached Hanuwantiya Tapu.

The place is very interesting, many water games. There is a MP Tourism place to stay. They alway have few house boats. The only problem is that the place is very crowded.

10:15 AM Left from Hanuwantiya Tapu and started driving towards Omkareswar.
11:30 AM Reached Omkareshwar.

12:30 PM Left from Omkareshwar towards Maheshwar.
1:40 PM Reached Maheshwar Fort.

3:50 PM Leave Maheshwar. We went to Narmada Retreat for something resembling the Lunch but the place was closed. So we decided we will have something on our way.
4:30 PM Stopped at Madhuban Hotel where the road from Maheshwar meets the AB Road.
11:00 PM Finally arrive in Bhopal.

Finally the vacation is completing, we have to leave for Bengaluru back.
6:30 AM Leave from Bhopal, immediately start towards Hoshangabad.
9:15 AM Drive through the state highway and reach at Betul. We stop at Hotel Meghna and Restaurant for Breakfast.
1:00 PM Stop at Le Meredien, Nagpur for Lunch.
6:30 PM Stopped at Divya Resort & Restaurant in Jangampally for evening snack and chai.
8:37 PM Reached Hyderabad and checked in at Oakwood Residence Kapil.

11:10 AM Checked out from the hotel and started towards Bengaluru.
3:30 PM Stopped at Hyway Lounge for some snacks and tea.
4:15 PM Stopped at Highway Dolphin's Restaurant.

8:00 PM Reached Bengaluru.

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