Thursday 17 May 2018

Summer 2018 -- Day 9

It was time to leave Dalhousie and head towards Mcleod Ganj. We finished our breakfast and left the hotel at 10:20 AM.

We drove for almost two hours and stopped at Daawat Restaurant.
We reached Dharamshala around 2 PM. The best way to reach the hotel is by taking the bypass and directly go to the other side of the town. We went straight through the city and it is a very difficult drive because it is very crowded and lanes are extremely narrow.

We reached Fortune Park Moksha around 2:50 PM and checked in. Here is our review of the place. After having a quick lunch we realized that next day was Monday and the Tibetan Museum would be closed. So we immediately decided to visit that place.
The closing time for the museum was 5 PM and we reached there around 4:40 PM but it was already closed and we missed an opportunity to visit the place.
The wall with pictures of all the monks that have immolated themselves

Mcleod Ganj Market

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