Monday 13 May 2019

Bengaluru to Hyderabad

The original plan was to start the trip during the first week of April. But we being nice citizens, decided to vote and then leave. So the trip started just after voting.
We had planned on leaving around 7:15 am just after voting, but when we reached the polling booth, there was a long queue and it took almost two hours to complete voting.  By the time we were done with voting and left, it was already almost 11 AM.

ISCON temple outside of Ananthpur
12:00 PM Since we had not had any breakfast, we decided to stop at McDonald's near Bengaluru Airport for breakfast/lunch.
3:00 PM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day after Ananthpur. Areas around Ananthpur are seeing a complete transformation. You can almost mistake it for Korea. So many businesses with Korean signage around. All because of Kia Factory. The coffee day had run out of all the things to eat. Only beverages were available. We left the place quickly to find our lunch somewhere else.
4:10 PM Stopped at Matsya Amazon Kitchens. The food was really horrible. I won't suggest anybody go there. The restrooms were clean so one can stop there for that purpose.

Matsya Amazon Kitchens.
 6:10 PM We stopped at Stop N Go Food Plaza for evening tea. Unfortunately, Cafe Coffee Day is closed down. We just had tea in the food court and continued.
Closed Cafe Coffee Day in Sankalmaddi
9:00 PM We reached Oakwood Residences Kapil Hyderabad. My review of the place is here.

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