Wednesday 15 May 2019

Bhopal to Hyderabad

Our original plan was to do a single drive from Bhopal to Bengaluru. Unfortunately, we did not get up in time and got ready in time so we decided to split the return drive into two segments.
7:15 AM Started from home in Bhopal.
10:20 AM Stopped at Hotel Meghna and Restaurant just before Betul for a cup of tea.
1:10 PM Reached Hotel Le Meridien for Lunch but unfortunately even after waiting for 30 minutes they did not serve anything. We left the place without eating.
2:02 PM We stopped just after Borkhedi Toll Plaza. There is a small restaurant and toilets. We had something to eat and started after 20 minutes.
5:25 PM Stopped after a Toll Plaza near Nizamabad. I was surprised to find an electric vehicle charging point in the middle of nowhere.
6:30 PM Stopped at Samanya Hotel near Kamareddy for a 20-minute break.
8:50 PM Reached Oakwood Residences Kapil Hyderabad.

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