Friday 15 October 2021

Day 7 -- 23 September 2021, Asthi Visarjan at Prayagraj

The first thing that we needed to do was to do asthi visarjan. We had kept the remains in our garden, it was time to take them out and take these to Prayagraj. That's what our dad wanted and our family has been doing it for years.
I also decided to take few pieces of the remains and taken them to different rivers across the country that my dad liked and submerge them there. This kind of decided the plan of this complete trip.
We started from Bhopal at around 7AM and were on our way towards Sagar enroute to  Prayagraj or Allahabad.
8:45 AM We stopped at a road side dhaba to have some tea.
9:20 AM Crossed Sagar town towards Damoh.
11:44 AM Crossed Damoh town.
2:10 PM Stopped at MP Tourism Midway Treat just after Katni town.
7:00 PM Arrived at our hotel in Allahabad. We had booked Hotel Polomax near Allahabad Railway station
9:00 PM We walked around the hotel and went to Mahatma Gandhi Road and had our Lunch at Aaoji Haryana Da Dhaba.
10:30 PM Arrived back in the hotel and retired for the day.

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