Friday 15 October 2021

Day 12 -- 28-September 2021, Gwalior to Orccha


Today the classes were till 11:20 AM. So we checked out of hotel and left towards Orccha around that time.

11:20 AM We left towards Orccha. This was going to be a short drive.

1:20 PM We arrived in MP Tourism Hotel Sheesh Mahal which is a heritage property.
5:30 PM We went walking around in Orccha. Went to the banks of Betwa River. Went to Cenotaphs.
There was a specific reason to visit Orccha. Last time I met my dad when he was alive, we wanted to visit Orccha. He always worked in Madhya Pradesh but never got to visit Orccha. I had promised him that I will take him to Orccha next time I came to meet him. Unfortunately that were to never happen. So this was my way of attempting to make his wish fulfilled.
We also visited Chaturbhuj temple which was closed for the day.

6:30 PM We came back to the hotel and retired for the night.

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