Friday 15 October 2021

Day 22 -- 08-October-2021, Amarkantak to Nagpur


Again we were following the college timelines, so I had time to walk around in the morning and see the places. As I mentioned in previous blog, we stayed at MP Tourism Holiday Homes. So here is a tour of the property if you wish to stay there.

After breakfast we decided to walk around the town. The first place to visit was the Narmada Kund. Here is a short video from Narmada Kund.

After spending some time in Narmada Kund, I decided to visit Kalchuri Temples which are just across the road from the Narmada Kund.

Then we just walked across the banks of the river for some time and then it was time to continue our return journey. The plan for the day was to reach Nagpur. We left checked out from the hotel and left for Nagpur.

Here is our journey.

Finally we arrived at our hotel in Nagpur. We stayed at Le Meridien in Nagpur. We find this place to be most convenient to stay. 

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