Friday 3 December 2021

Karnataka Architecture Marvels - Day 6 - Diwali 2021


While in Hampi we stayed in Heritage Resort. Here is my walk around the resort.

We had extended our stay by one day in Hampi and decided to spend the day in Evolve Back Resort. The room would not be ready till 1pm, so we decided to checkout of Heritage Resort and visit the areas near Virupaksha Temple and then go to Evolve Back resort.

The first place that we reached was Sarson Ganesha.

This area has many small temples and ruins spread all over the place. You can spent lots of time here depending on you inclination.

After spending good one hour plus in the complex, we left for Evolve Back Resort. This hotel is extremely expensive and we just wanted to check it out and that's why we went there.

The resort is probably ultimate in Luxury but extremely expensive and for such places, I always wonder, is it worth it?

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