Sunday 16 January 2022

Christmas 2021 -- A quick drive across the country


Just when it looked like the pandemic was behind us, the data suggested that this might not be the end of the pandemic. We decided to do a quick drive from Bengaluru to Bhopal before things got worse. Since I was alone, decided to drive up to Hyderabad on day 1 and then continue the rest of the distance on day 2.

11:20 AM Left home in Bellandur, the progress was slow because of metro construction work in the area.

3:30 PM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day after Ananthpur for a coffee and Lunch. The CCD outlets don't have much variety on food anymore so it was just coffee and some stuff that I had with myself.

After the lunch we just continued driving and arrived in our hotel at Gachibowli are of Hyderabad around 8:10 PM.

I had planned on starting early but felt tired so decided not to put any alarm. 
6:45 AM Checked out and was on my way to Bhopal. Crossed Nehru Outer Ring Road and was on NH-44 towards Nagpur.
8:00 AM Near Ramayapet stopped at Aadhya Grand for breakfast.
9:20 AM Fuelled up at Nizamabad.
The road after Betul is now in much improved condition.

7:00 PM Arrived at my home in Bhopal.
The next whole week was spent in taking care of some official things at my place. In this trip no tourism was planned so after the work was done, decided to leave back to Bengaluru. I was fearing some kind of travel restrictions to be in place any time.
05:15 AM Decided to leave early. 
Just before Betul, stopped at Hotel Meghna and Restaurant at 8:00 AM, The morning was foggy and drive was slow.

10:35 AM Crossed Nagpur city
11:50 AM Crossed Hinghanghat
1:30 PM Crossed Adilabad
2:30 PM Crossed Nirmal
4:15 PM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day at Nagulapally for coffee.
6:10 PM Arrived at my hotel Le Meridian Hyderabad and checked in for the night.


08:30 AM Checked out and left the hotel after breakfast.

12:30 PM Stopped in Mahboobnagar for refulling.

12:40 PM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day near Gooty

4:50 PM Reached home in Bengaluru.

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