Saturday 19 February 2022

Jan - Feb - 2002: Day 6 : Trip to Chhatarpur


We had some important things to be take care of in Chhatarpur. So we decided to do a short trip from Noida to Chhatarpur.

We left our place around 7:45 AM and left towards Yamuna Expressway. 9:20 AM we stopped at the food court in the middle of YEW.

We exited YEW around 11:20 AM.  We tried to take some byepass around Agra. Got lost multiple times. Finally emerged on the other end of Agra.

2:50 PM stopped at MP Tourism hotel near Morena for our Lunch. Lunch was good. Service was slow.

4:35 PM took NH-39 towards Chhatarpur. The road is in impeccable condition. Only issue is that one has to get into Mauranipur. In this area if you have to refuel your vehicle, be cautions, you will be crossing MP and UP border multiple times and there is a price difference of almost 15 Rs. per litre between MP and UP. UP is cheaper by almost 15 rupees.

Arrived Chhatarpur town at 6:30 pm. Met some people with whom we had some work the next day. 

It was late so we decided to have dinner in chhatarpur. Found hotel Rudraksh and had our dinner there. Food was reasonable.

We arrived in Khajuraho around 9:30 PM. We decided to come here because hotels are better in Khajuraho compared to Chhatarpur. 

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