Saturday 19 February 2022

Jan - Feb - 2022 : Day 8 : Chhatarpur to Noida


We left Khajuraho around 9:10 AM and headed to Chhatarpur where we had a day full of bureaucratic things to be taken care of.

Our entire day was spent in the city. We had to take care of some legal work. meet some government officials etc.

5:15 PM we left Chhatarpur towards Noida. As we got on to NH-39, we decided to try an alternate route back. We turned towards Hamirpur and then finally to Agra Lucknow expressway. Unfortunately that was a very bad decision.

Road were horrible and took long time.

Around 9PM we got on to four laned highway NH-19.  We stopped at a road side dhaba which was horrible.

Entered Agra Lucknow expressway around 10:15 PM. 

Entered YEW around 11:20 PM. We had to exit Agra Lucknow expressway and get into the town roads because we were very low on fuel.

Midnight we stopped at the food court on YEW. The place was completely closed. So we used toilets and left quickly.

We arrived back in Noida at around 2AM.

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