Thursday 23 February 2023

Bengaluru to Jaipur : Christmas 2022


During Christmas 2022 we decided to do a road trip to Jaipur. The plan was to go to Noida and then continue onwards to reach Jaipur and do some sightseeing.

We left Bengaluru around 7:30AM and drove straight to Hyderabad. The plan was to stay night in Hyderabad. For some reason we found hotels in Nagpur too expensive during Christmas so decided against staying there.

We stopped in Cafe Coffee Day near Gooty at 12:15 PM for about an hour and then continued onwards towards Hyderabad. 

We arrived in Hyderabad at 5:30 PM and retired for the day. 


We decided to take a halt in Bhopal for couple of days. I was not feeling well so decided to stop over in my house in Bhopal and then continue after taking rest.

Since we just had to reach up to Bhopal, we decided to leave after breakfast. We were on the road at 7:00 AM

We stopped at the Highway Nest Mini near Borkhedi toll plaza for a bio break around 1:00 PM

We quickly crossed Nagpur town and got on to four lane highway connecting Nagpur and Betul. Just after four-lane highway finishes, there is a small hotel called Hotel Meghna where we stopped for some food around 4:10 PM

We started from there at 4:45 PM and continued towards Bhopal. Finally arrived in Bhopal at 7:40 PM.

Next day we took rest in Bhopal before continuing.


We started at 6:30 AM towards Noida. It was early so did not have any breakfast. 

We reached near Guna at around 9:10 AM. Near Guna you will find K2 Squared Highway Treat right on the highway which is a pretty good place for a break and breakfast. We left the place at 9:45 AM.

Finally around 3:00 PM we entered Yamuna Expressway. Drove till the mid point and stopped at The Food Street for some lunch.

Arrived in Noida at 6:40 PM.


We got ready around 9:00 AM and left for Jaipur. 10:55 AM we stopped at Mcdonalds for some food and bio break. 11:20 AM we started towards Jaipur again.

Impromptu we decided to visit Neemrana Fort-Palace. On reaching there we learnt that you can't just visit the fort. You have to buy a ticket for food or you should be staying with them then only you can visit. So we left that place and joined the Jaipur highway back.

We stopped at the food street at around 1:20 PM. I badly needed a coffee. I had still not fully recovered.

We started from the food street at 2:20 PM and continued towards Jaipur. 

4:45 PM We arrived in The Lalit, Jaipur. The hotel was very crowded and checkin itself took couple of hours. After resting for a while, we decided to drive to the Hawa Mahal area and find some food.


We started after our breakfast and reached Jal Mahal at 12:15 PM. We spent some time there and after parking our car in Jal Mahal area, took a rickshaw to go back to Albert Museum.

1:30 PM we arrived in Albert Museum and spent around an hour in the museum. It is pretty interesting museum.

We left towards Amber Palace and after parking our car in the parking, tool a Jeep to visit Jaigarh and then Nahargarh.

After visiting these two forts, we arrived back at Amber Fort at around 5:45 PM. We bought the ticket for light and sound show and then went into the Amber Fort for a quick walk around.

Then we went into the light and sound show which got finished at 8:45 PM, We started towards our hotel and stopped midway for some food at a place called The Vegetarian Grill.


This was the day to leave back to Noida. We stayed at the hotel in the morning and decided to leave around 2:45 PM

This was a simple eventless journey back.

We stopped for a quick break at The Food Street around 6:30 PM. We left the place at 7:20 PM

We arrived back in Noida at around 10:45 PM.

Next few days we spend in Noida to take care of some things.


We started our journey back to Bengaluru. As usual the first stop was Bhopal.

8:30 AM We left Noida and got on to Yamuna Expressway. We stopped at the food court in the middle of YEW for a quick coffee at around 9:20 AM. We again stopped at the next rest area on YEW at around 11:10 AM

We exited YEW and quickly got on to Gwalior road. We crossed Dholpur and crossed Morena. We stopped at the Subhim Highway Resort for a bio-break.

We couldn't find any decent place for food after that, so we continued driving to the same K2 squared Highway Treat near Guna.

We finally arrived in Bhopal at 9:00 PM.

Next few days we spent in Bhopal


We left our home in Bhopal towards Hyderabad at around 6:30 AM. We stopped in Hotel Meghna just before Betul at 8:30 AM for some breakfast and continued onwards towards Hyderabad at 9:20 AM

We stopped at Borkhedi Toll plaza after crossing Nagpur for a bio-break at 12:30 PM

We arrived in Hyderabad around 8:00 PM.


We decided to take it easy since we just had to drive from Hyderabad to Bengaluru. We got up, had our breakfast and then checked out around 11:30AM

We drove non-stop for next few hours and stopped just before Ananthpur at Cafe Coffee Day for a break at 3:40 PM

We left from Cafe Coffee Day after an hour and crossed Ananthpur. 

We stopped at Shell Petrol Station near Aroor for a top-up and bio-break.

We arrived within Bengaluru city limits around 8:00 PM, had our dinner and reached home.

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