Tuesday 14 January 2014

Christmas 2013, Rajasthan Road Trip, Day #10 of 12 -- Return journey starts, Bharatpur to Indore

Finally we had to start our journey back. We had originally planned on going via Kota-Ujjain but based on the feedback from hvkumar facebook page, we decided to take the longer route via Jaipur, Chittorgarh.

10:25 AM We left towards Jaipur on NH-11. Just after we entered the toll, saw something very interesting first time in my life. We were diverted to the wrong side of the road and I thought that it is just the regular road construction. After driving for a while we realised that the diversion was because a temple was feeding hundreds of people on the other side of road. Found it very interesting.
11:54 PM Crossed Dausa
12:30 PM Hit the outskirts of the Jaipur, Google map promptly navigated us to the ring road around Jaipur and apart from the fact that some portion of the road was bad it was a good idea.
1:00 PM Took left turn on to Ajmer - Jaipur Expressway going towards Ajmer.
Hotel Highway King
As soon as we turn onto the expressway, on the left we can see Hotel Highway King. We stopped there for lunch. It was good restaurant with decent facilities.
1:45 PM Finished lunch and left for onward journey.
2:30 PM Crossed DUDU
2:53 PM Turned left on to NH-79A going towards Chittorgarh just before Kishangarh. This road is narrower and not as good quality as Jaipur Ajmer expressway but it is still a decent road.

3:15 PM Crossed Nasirabad
4:50 PM Bypasswd Bhilwara
5:45 PM Crossed Bypass to Chittorgarh, As we cross the city, the road turns really bad. Lots of construction going on and most places the road just doesn't exist. The road is almost in the same state till Nimbahera.

7:30 PM Crossed Nimbahera. It took almost 1 hour 30 minutes from Chittorgarh to Nimbahera. Once we reached Nimbahera, we got stuck at the railway crossing for another 15 minutes.
8:00 PM Crossed Neemuch.
8:25 PM Just before Mandsaur, found a hotel on the highway called Hotel MP. It was decent hotel so we stopped for dinner there.
9:10 PM Left for onward journey.
9:20 PM Crossed Mandsaur
9:50 PM Crossed Jaora
10:15 PM Crossed Ratlam
By mistake we entered the Indore from the Pithampura side and that road is in really bad shape, actually it doesn't exist in most places.

12:30 AM Reached Radisson Blu Hotel and checked in. Here is my review of the hotel.

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