Tuesday 14 January 2014

Christmas 2013, Rajasthan Road Trip, Day #11 of 12 -- Return journey continues, Indore to Pune

11:00 AM Return journey back to home continues, we start from Indore and continue on AH-47.

11:30 AM Get off the Indore Bypass and continue on the national highway.
12:30 PM Cross the bridge on Kalaghat on Narmada.

12:43 PM Found a small dhaba and stopped for a small tea break. Not a great place really.

12:50 PM Started the journey back.
1:20 PM Crossed Sendhwa
1:35 PM Crossed Palasner
1:50 PM Crossed Shirpur
2:30 PM Bypassed Dhule
3:15 PM Stopped at Sai Car Family Dhaba just before Malegaon.

4:00 PM Bypassed Malegaon. Here we decided to leave the AH-47 and turn towards road to Manmad. This is where the road is not that great but drivable. We continue towards Manmad.
4:30 PM Crossed Manmad
5:05 PM Crossed Yeola
5:33 PM Crossed Kopargaon
5:40 PM Here we are supposed to turn into Nagpur-Aurangabad-Mumbai highway. But the road is so bad that I could not even take my car on this road. So we continued straight for 6 kilometres and then took a right turn and continued another 6 kilometres to join back the Nagpur-Aurangabad-Mumbai highway.

6:30 PM Reached Talegaon. The road improves but is still not great. It is just drivable two lane road and makes overtaking almost impossible.
6:52 PM Crossed Sangamner, now we join Nashik Pune highway. The road becomes better but it is still narrow two lane road.
7:30 PM Stopped at a place called Daulat refreshments for tea.
8:30 PM Crossed Alephata
8:45 PM Crossed Narayangaon
9:30 PM In Pune City
10:30 PM Reached Holiday Inn hotel and checked in.

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