Sunday 12 January 2014

Christmas 2013, Rajasthan Road Trip, Day #8 of 12 -- Jaipur to Bharatpur

10:03 AM We left the hotel towards Bharatpur.

10:24 AM Stopped at a petrol station to fill up. The reason that I mention this is that this was the pump which first time in my life offered tea while I was filling up my car and insisted on me taking it.

11:20 AM Crossed Dausa city.
I found the drive after Dausa very scenic. The highway is lined up with mustard fields on both the side of the road, the road quality is good and traffic is comparatively low.

2:30 PM We reached the Hotel. We had booked in Hotel Surya Vilas Palace on the Bharatpur Agra road. My review of the hotel is here.
We had lunch, got ready and went straight to the Bird Sanctuary. Keoldeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary is really a fantastic place. I liked it for multiple reasons. This being the season, there were a large number of migratory bird and one could see many of them coming. Unlike many other national parks where one is confined to you vehicle, this bird sanctuary is different. You can walk on trails and go around at your own pace.

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