Sunday 18 January 2015

Christmas 2014 Day 10 of 11, Return drive part 1, Bhubaneswar to Vijaywada

We start our drive back. We have planned to doing it in two days. 

5:45 AM We start from the hotel, get on to NH-5 and continue our drive back. The road is empty and good.
7:30 AM Crossed Chhatrapur
7:41 AM Crossed Brahmapur
7:56 AM Crossed Ichchapuram
8:20 AM Crossed Kasibugga
9:04 AM Crossed Srikakulam
10:09 AM We entered Visakhapatanam. We thought we will get better restaurants within the town so we decided to go through the city. In hindsight it was a pretty bad idea. It was so crowded that we did not stop at any restaurant and it took long time for us to get out of city.

10:57 AM We almost get out of the town but still see city traffic.
11:32 AM Crossed Anakpalle. Just after Anakpalle we see a dhaba with a BP petrol station and we decide to stop there and have something to eat.
The place was average but food was hot and the petrol station next to it had toilets which were usable. The person running the dhaba was very particular about not allowing liquor in the place. We saw him arguing with a group of five individuals who wanted to drink and he told them to go somewhere else. They returned after 10 minutes with liquor in Pepsi bottles and he again told them to go away. Those guys then sat in the parking, drank there and then came to dhaba for food.
12:30 PM We finished the food and continued on our way.
1:16 PM Crossed Tuni
1:30 PM Crossed Annavaram
2:30 PM Crossed Rajahmundry
3:17 PM Crossed Tanuku
4:01 PM Crossed Eluru
4:56 PM We are on the outskirts of Vijaywada

5:10 PM We are in the hotel.

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