Sunday 18 January 2015

Christmas 2014 Day 11 of 11, The Home Stretch, Vijaywada to Bengaluru

Finally the vacation is coming to an end. Last drive and we are back home.
5:50 AM Get ready and leave the hotel. We very quickly find NH-5. Unexpectedly there is significant Fog on the highway. In India one sees a bizarre behaviour, rather than having proper fog lamps, people just turn on their hazard lights as soon as they see fog or rain. It makes driving on highway so difficult because you never know when somebody will change their lanes.

We saw an ATM just opposite Gateway Hotel so we decided to withdraw the money in the morning. In the morning the machine had no money. So we had to start without sufficient money to refuel the car. We decided we will find something on the way. It was not such a bright idea because most of the ATMs were locked that early in the morning.
6:44 AM We saw some ATMs open at Chilakaluripet and we withdrew the money for refuelling. Most of the ATMs in India shutdown at night now a days because of criminal activities. So one has to either look for ATMs in crowded areas where sufficient security exists to keep the ATMs open.
7:33 AM We cross Ongole.
7:50 AM We stop at a largish petrol station which has a restaurant called High-5 associated with it. I had most bizarre experience at this place. The toilets etc were comparatively clean but I had to order food 15 times. The guy will just keep on forgetting the order. Finally you just have to go and stand near the kitchen with a place and ask him to give you food. He won't even remember what he served you. To bill, he will ask you what all did you eat and ask you to pay money based on that. It was very slow and I would not really suggest it.

8:35 AM Finally we are done with the breakfast and we leave the place.
Hotel Dillis
9:45 AM We see the outskirts of Nellore.
9:56 AM We are clear of Nellore.
10:20 AM We cross Gudur
11:25 AM Turn left to connect to NH-18A
10:35 AM We leave NH-5, turn right on SH-61 which will connect to NH205/NH716 and take us to Tirupati which will connect us back to NH-18A and then to NH-4 and take us to Bengaluru.
11:40 AM We saw this place called Hotel Dillis. It looked new and clean. This place was actually bizarre. I have seen all over Gujarat, toilet built outside the hotel building. Here one had to walk almost 100 meters to go to toilets. Look at the photo on the left, th ephoto is taken from where the toilets are. We had tea which was also bad.
12:35 PM Join into NH-18.
1:05 PM Crossed Chittoor.

Nandi Food Plaza
1:30 PM Stopped at Nandi Food Plaza at Reliance Petrol Station because we saw many busses stopped there. Had lunch there, please looked extremely unhygienic and there was no water in toilets. Would not suggest anybody to stop there. There are better places down the road.
1:50 PM We are done with lunch and drive on. Since there were no usable toilet facilities at this place. we had to stop again. Fortunately there is a cafe coffee day just 10 minutes away from this place.
1:58 PM Reached cafe coffee day. The place is good but some of the food items were stale. We had a case of food poisoning here from a desert item that we consumed. I think hot items are OK but frozen items are all suspect.
2:20 PM Crossed Palamner
3:00 PM Crossed Mulbagal
3:15 PM Crossed Kolar
4:00 PM We reached K R Puram area. Finally we are back to Bengaluru.

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