Thursday 14 May 2015

Druk Diaries: Day 17 - Return journey, Purnea to Kanpur

We continued our return journey. Since it is just a return journey, the only stoppage were for food and bio-breaks.

4:45 AM Started from Purnea, got out of the town and was on highway in less than 10 minutes. Early mornings are the best time to drive in India. Very few people to bother you on the road.
5:43 AM Crossed forbesganj.
9:08 AM Byepassed Muzaffarpur
10:20 AM Sometime after this, we got stuck in a road block. It seems some of the locals wanted LPG because there is no supply of LPG and they decided that the best way to get it is to block NH.
11:20 AM Finally police arrives, they negotiate with protesters, and they let us go. Don't know if they got the LPG or not.
11:50 AM Crossed Gopalganj.
12:25 PM Crossed the border and into Kushinagar.
12:42 PM Just when I thought only people of Bihar can block national highway, this time politicians of UP. The highway is this time properly blocked by the police.
1:03 PM Finally police relents and lets us go.
1:28 PM Get on to Gorakhpur outer ring road
1:51 PM Exit Gorakphur ORR
2:22 PM Found a restaurant called Anand Resort on the highway. Had lunch there. The place is really terrible. Don't bother eating there.

5:20 PM Stopped at another road side restaurant for Tea. Regular bus stop kind of place. Nothing to write home about.

6:30 PM Crossed Barabanki
7:10 PM Got on to Lucknow Outer Ring Road. Great road
7:30 PM Got on to Kanpur Road
8:26 PM Crossed Unnao
8:40 PM Entered outskirts of Kanpur

9:20 PM Reached CHD arranged hotel. The hotel did not have any dinner service at least on that day. I am not sure if they ever have or not. There is a restaurant just next door, but unfortunately for us, there was a wedding going on so they told us that there would be 45 mins wait time. We were not keen on waiting for that long. So we had to take out our car again and go in search for food. Finally we ended up at Cawnpore 1857. Here is my review of the place.

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