Thursday 14 May 2015

Druk Diaries: Day 16 - Return journey, Paro to Purnea

Sadly, the fun times were over, we had to start back on our journey to Bengaluru. It was going to be a long drive.
4:30 AM Started from the hotel, as usual, we had settled bills in the night, we asked them if they can get us some breakfast, they were not very positive about that. So we just left.

5:15 AM We were at Chuzom and started on the highway towards Phuentsholling.
6:40 AM Crossed Chhukha
7:30 AM We reached Dantak Canteen. We were worried that they may not be open but fortunately they were open with the full menu.

8:20 AM Crossed Gedu
9:20 AM We were in outskirts of Phuentsholling. We got through the checkpost, returned the route permit, technically we were now almost out of Bhutan.

9:45 AM We reached the phuentsholling market area. We realized that we had few of the Bhutan Currency left with us, so we decide to spend it there.
Kizom Cafe
As we are walking around, we see this cafe called Kizom Cafe near the Tashi building. They serve good coffee. we spent some time there. Spent all our money. Here is my review of the cafe.
Phuentsholling streets, last view
11:20 AM Finally we leave Bhutan. As soon as you are out of the gate, you get a shock. Pretty much same set of people, how can they turn so disorganised suddenly.
11:55 AM We cross Hasimara
1:30 PM We cross Jalpaiguri. 

2:00 PM We find a hotel called "Motorists Inn Motel" and decide to have lunch there. This is just average hotel, average cleanliness, decent food. But it is on highway.
3:00 PM We start our journey back.
3:20 PM We crossed Siliguri. We turn into Siliguri Byepass. It is one horrible road.
4:39 PM Crossed Islamnagar. Since this was the day of local body elections in West Bengal, we were anxious to get out of West Bengal as soon as possible.
5:05 PM Crossed Kishanganj
5:30 PM Crossed Dalkhola. There was some congestion on the road near border but not too bad.

6:35 PM We reach outskirts of Purnea. We get stuck in a traffic jam of trucks which is further compounded by some political leader who somehow wants to fly.
We were not sure what will be our destination at the end of the day. It was a toss-up between Darbhanga and Purnea. Finally we ended up spending too much time in Phuentsholling so we could only progress till Purnea.
7:00 PM We reach at the hotel arranged by great people at HVK Central Hotel Desk. The hotel is phenomenal and we order room service and sleep early. The next day is another long drive.

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