Thursday 14 May 2015

Druk Diaries: Day 23 - Return journey,Bhopal to Bengaluru

Finally the epic trip was coming to an end. We had to just reach Bengaluru from Bhopal. Originally we had decided to drive up to Hyderabad and then drive to Bengaluru the next day morning. Since we were out of home for far too many days and we were so close, we decided that if we can reach Hyderabad around 6pm, then we will continue to Bengaluru otherwise we will find some place to stay in Hyderabad.
4:50 AM We were out of our home in Bhopal and on the road towards Hoshangabad.
5:30 AM Crossed Obaidullaganj
6:22 AM Crossed Habibganj

7:30 AM We reached Pipariya. There is a MP Tourism motel, we thought we can get some tea and breakfast. But they had still not open, they only were ready to serve tea. We had to make do with that. The place does have clean toilets.

10:00 AM Reached Chindwara bypass. It is a very good two laned undivided road with very little traffic.
11:32 AM Crossed Savner

11:53 AM I was advised by friends at HVK forum to just cut through the city. So that's what I did, didn't turn out too bad.
12:20 PM I was on the other end of the Nagpur

1:22 PM Reached Hinganghat. There is a big flyover under construction that confused me but did not loose much time.

The road is otherwise good, there is a small portion of the road, around 40 Kms which is under construction. 

2:20 PM We were looking for some place to have lunch. Something that looks like a restaurant rather than a Dhaba. Couldn't find anything. Finally stopped at this place that looked like a proper restaurant. This hotel was horrible. Actually as soon as the staff saw us, they told us don't go inside the restaurant because people drink there. There is a hut outside the hotel, they served us food there and we quickly got out. Even food was nothing to talk home about.
3:10 PM Started back on our journey.
As soon as you cross into AP/TS, the highway quality improves multi-fold and the drive is much more fun.
3:30 PM Crossed Adilabad
4:15 PM Crossed Nirmal

6:20 PM We were on Hyderabad ORR. We decided that we will continue on to Bengaluru.

7:50 PM We found this food court and decided to have dinner.
9:15 PM Crossed Mahbubnagar
10:29 PM Crossed Kurnool
12:15 AM Crossed Anantpur
12:59 AM Crossed Penukonda
2:00 AM Crossed Chikkaballapur
2:45 AM Reached K R Puram
This was the longest single day drive by us. We completed 1500 Kilometers in approximately 22 hours. 

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