Monday 16 January 2017

Day 3 -- Bhopal to Noida

6:00 AM I started towards Delhi from Bhopal.
7:00 AM Crossed Sanchi.
7:15 AM Crossed Vidisha
8:10 AM Crossed Kurwai
8:25 AM Crossed Bina
8:55 AM Crossed Malthone, joined NH-44.
9:11 AM Stopped at Sri Radha Kunj Dhaba, It has kind of become my favorite for breakfast. It is at a sufficient distance from Bhopal for a breakfast.

10:30 AM Crossed Babina
10:45 AM Crossed Jhansi and turned towards Delhi on NH-44. The bad road starts from here and lasts till Gwalior.
11:15 AM Crossed Datia
11:45 AM Crossed Dabra
12:30 PM Byepassed Gwalior
1:15 PM Crossed Morena

1:30 PM Crossed Dholpur. I was stopped here by a police checkpoint, they were looking for currency notes in the light of demonetization. They were disappointed when they didn't find any and they let me go.

2:30 PM Reached outskirts of Agra. I always saw an under construction road that goes towards left with a signage showing Delhi. It was always closed, this time it was open, so I took it believing it to be a byepass for Agra. It is a byepass alright but it lands you straight in Mathura town and you have to get on to YEW from there. I am not sure if it is a good idea.

3:45 PM Got on to YEW after couple of detours. If one does not get lost, I think one can get on to YEW 15 minutes earlier.
5:40 PM Exited YEW.
6:15 PM Reached destination.

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