Tuesday 30 May 2017

Day 10 -- Bhopal to Omkareswar, Maheswar, Mahakaleswar and back

The day was dedicated to Lord Siva.
06:30 AM We left Bhopal towards Indore. We decided first to visit Omkareswar and then visit other places.
7:50 AM Stopped at Sol Retreat for a quick chai break.
9:20 AM Turned towards Indore.
12:00 PM Reached Omkareswar, stopped at Narmada Resort for quick lunch.

As we reached Omkareswar, we found that the temple was closed till 2:00 PM, we waited around and then finally got a quick darshan at the jyotirling. Then we decided to directly drive to Maheshwar.
2:30 PM We left for Maheshwar.
3:30 PM We reached Maheshwar. Since we had skipped lunch, we had decided to grab a quick bite at Narmada Retreat there.
Maheswar Fort is really a scenic place, the banks of Narmada, the fort and temples within fort are worth spending few hours there.

6:25 PM We left Maheshwar, started towards Ujjain.
9:30 PM Reached Ujjain. The temple was fortunately not very crowded, we were able to do a quick darshan.

10:50 PM We left Ujjain for Bhopal.
2:00 AM We reached Bhopal.

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