Monday 13 January 2020

December 2019: Sad Ending to the year

The end of the year 2019 is upon us. Unfortunately, this year turned out to be quite a sad year. There were stories of trips that had to be cut short because of vehicle failure but the end of the year was nothing that I had dreamt of.
After a short illness and some dubious treatment by the doctors, my mother passed away in the month of December. I went to Bhopal and was there with my mother on her last day. After the funeral, I decided to return with a plan to come back for the rest of the rituals to be completed.
The earlier trip plan was completely abandoned and it was primarily to drive around and make sure all the rituals were done on time.

3:30 PM Left after the end of school.
6:30 PM Crossed Ananthpur
7:03 PM Arrived at Cafe Coffee Day in Ramrajupalle.
9:50 PM Stopped at Food Pyramid after Kurnool.
12:10 AM Arrived at Oakwood Kapil in Hyderabad for the night.

9:00 AM Checked out of the hotel and quickly we were on our way toward Nagpur on Outer Ring Road.
3:30 PM Arrived in The Breakfast Story for Lunch.
7:58 PM Stopped for a fuel refill.
9:25 PM Stopped at Studio Park near Hoshangabad for dinner.
12:30 AM Reached home.

18-December-2019 to 24-December-2019
Stayed at home in Bhopal for ceremonies.

07:00 AM Left home. The destination for the day was Noida.
08:55 AM Stopped at a Dhaba after joining Mumbai - Agra highway.
12:30 PM Stopped at Barista Gwalior for Coffee.
5:45 PM Stopped at the food court on Yamuna Expressway.
8:00 PM Reached Noida

26-December-2019 to 28-December-2019
Stayed at home in Noida.

I decided to get an early start by reaching Agra on the night itself.
07:30 PM Left Noida
09:10 PM Stopped at the food court on Yamuna Expressway.
10:45 PM Reached Agra.

We had decided to start early, but the tiredness, cold and fog made sure we started very late.
09:11 AM Started from Agra
10:34 AM Got stuck at Mehra Toll plaza for 10 minutes
10:55 AM Stopped at Barista Gwalior for Coffee but unfortunately, it was closed.
12:04 PM Fueled up the car.
01:50 PM Found a new restaurant called Gravity Family Restaurant and Bar on the highway in Lalitpur.
7:05 PM Stopped at Dhaba for Tea
10:47 PM Refueled the car
11:00 PM Reached Le Meridien Hotel

Again, like the previous day, we had planned on starting early but got late.
10:50 PM Started from Nagpur
2:34 PM Stopped at Amruthpur for a small break. Had some biryani and tea.
4:15 PM Stopped at Coffee Day at Nagulapally
5:30 PM Entered the Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad.
6:15 PM Exited ORR
7:00 PM Stopped at M Food Court at Mahbubnagar
9:00 PM Stopped at Hangout just after Kurnool.
12:00 AM Crossed over into the new year near KIA factory in Ananthpur.

2:42 AM Arrived home.

The total distance covered was approximately 4300 kilometers. As we wrapped up the new year, it was not the best of the years of life. Hoping the next year turns out to be better with better road trips and general happiness.

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