Saturday 31 October 2020

Dussera 2020 Road Trip

After locked down in our homes for most part of 2020, we decided to make a contact free road trip from Bengaluru to Bhopal, Delhi and back during dussera vacations.

Since we had decided to make this trip contact less, the plan was to carry everything and not stop at any intermediate place. The two stops were at Bhopal and Noida where we have family.


If you prefer to see the stuff in video, here is the video for the day's travel.

Since we were going to do a non-stop drive, we left pretty early. We were on the road by 3:30am.

08:40 am We continuously drove for almost 5 hours and stopped near Mahbubnagar at a truck stop and cooked breakfast for ourselves. The whole stop, cooking and eating lasted for around one hour that gave us ample time to rest and stretch our legs as well.

10:20 am We stopped at Bharati 97 Food N fuel for topping up the car and using the restrooms in the associated food court.

1:05 pm We crossed the outer ring road and stopped at Cafe Coffee Day for using their restrooms. We ordered hot coffee to make sure we are not taking advantage of their facilities without bringing some business for them.

6:40 pm We stopped at Borkhedi toll plaza to use their restrooms. Some of the toll plazas have comparatively clean and usable toilets while some are horribly maintained. This was one of the better ones.

2:20 am After this stop, we had a continuous drive till Bhopal and arrived at Bhopal at twenty past two AM.

Next couple of days were spent in Bhopal in taking care of some things.


06:06 am We left for Noida. We planned on going from Guna highway. There are multiple paths to reach Guna highway and I seem to always get confused about them. We decided to following what google maps told us and this was even though the good route, it was not the best. The best route was via biora which we used while returning.

09:38 am Just after Guna we found this clean and hygenic resort called K-Square highway treat on the highway and we stopped for tea. We carried our own flasks and ask them to fill hot tea in those flasks.

2:04 pm We stopped just after Morena on the road to have our lunch which we had packed and carried from home.

04:10 pm We entered Yamuna expressway. Just stopped to use toilet at the rest area.

7:00 pm We arrived in Noida at our home.

Next couple of days were spent in resting and taking care of some things locally.


09:40 am We left our home in Noida and straight away we were on Yamuna Expressway.

11:20 am While coming to Noida, we had not refueled our car so we stopped on YEW and refueled our car in one of the rest areas.

2:35 PM Stopped at Subhim Highway Treat just after Morena for toilet break.

3:35 pm Stopped at road side to have our lunch which we had packed from home and were carrying it with ourselves.

6:20 pm Stopped at the same K-Square highway treat for tea break and toilet break.

10:30 pm We arrived back in our home in Bhopal.


4:35 am We left from our home in Bhopal to our home in Bengaluru. The plan was to again drive non-stop till Bengaluru.

7:30 am Refiled the car at Reliance petrol station near Hoshangabad. Toilets are bad and dirty.

11:30 am Crossed Nagpur and refilled at Reliance petrol station. We did not need to refill but needed a bio break.

2:40 pm Stopped at roadside to have our lunch which we had carried with us. Make a tea on roadside and continued on.

5:45 pm Entered Hyderabad ORR and exited at 6:30 pm

7:05 pm Stopped at Hill Park food court at Mahbubnagar but found completely useless. Most restaurants have closed down. Just used the toilets and left the place.

7:30 pm Refilled the car.

7:45 pm Stopped at the roadside and had our dinner which we had carried with ourselves.

2:30 am Arrive at our home in Bengaluru.

Total toll paid on this trip was ₹ 4795. Total fuel consumed was around 475 litres. The prices varied from low eighties to high eighties per litre. So assuming an average of ₹ 85 per litre. It would be around ₹ 40000.

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