Friday 3 December 2021

Karnataka Architecture Marvels - Day 4 - Diwali 2021


We got ready after breakfast at 08:00am and left for Badami Cave Temples. The hotel was very close to the temple, we arrive in Badami Cave Temples at 08:15 am. There is decent amount of parking near the Cave Temples but be very careful of Monkeys. There are lots of them and it is advisable to not have any edible items in their sight. They jump over the cars, so while driving in and out be very careful. 

Drive to Temples and Stairs and Cave 1 and 2

Cave 3

Cave 4

After visiting all the caves, we walked to Bhoothnath Temple that you can view from Cave 4. It is around one kilometer walk and you also walk through the museum. We did not go inside the museum but went and spent some time near the temple and the lake.

After visiting temples, we drove back to the hotel, checked out and we were on our way to Hampi.

We arrived at our hotel around 2:30 pm. The room was not yet ready, the hotel told us to have lunch while they get the room ready. Rest of the day we spent resting.

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