Friday 3 December 2021

Karnataka Architecture Marvels - Day 3 - Diwali 2021


08:30 am We had our breakfast early, checked out from the hotel and started towards Aihole.

10:00 am We arrived in Aihole. Aihole has numerous number of temples. We had plan of visiting the most important ones. The first place to visit is the Durga Temple complex. This has many temples and also houses museum.

In Durga Complex we visited following temples.

Durga Temple

Lad Khan Temple

Godar and Chakra Temple


After this we went to Hucchimalli Temple which is just a short distance away and you can drive right up to the temple.

After Hucchimalli temple, we went to Ravanphadi. This is a temple that has more of a likening to Badami cave temples.

1:00 pm We left for Pattadakal. This was the second site of the day. The temples in Pattadakal are larger and bigger but the area in which these are spread is much smaller.

Kashi Vishveshwar


Inscribed Pillar

Mallikarjun Temple

Virupaksha Temple

Galagnath Temple

2:10 pm We finished sightseeing temples in Pattadakal. We started towards Badami. The plan was to reach Badami and rest for the day and then visit Badami temples the next day.
2:30 pm We arrived in our Hotel in badami around 2:40 pm.

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