Saturday 8 October 2022

Bengaluru to Goa : Dussera 2022

 During Dussera of 2022 we decided to drive down to Goa from Bengaluru.  We had few days vacations and decided to spend them in Goa.


We started from our Home at 06:00 am. There was lot of traffic probably due to holidays and NICE road had lots of blocks due to multiple truck accidents. We finally reached Sira at 08:45 am and stopped at the Cafe Coffee Day.

09:40 am We started from Sira for our onwards journey. There was not much to eat available in CCD.

10:28 am We reached Shell petrol station near Tumkur and topped up our car. We also had tea there.

We drove into Davangere town and look for Benne Dosa shop. But there are two entries on google maps and we ended up not finding it. So we decided to stop there on our way back.

1:15 PM We stopped at Kamat restaurant near Haveri. Kamat chain of restaurants have definitely lost their past glory and not very nice places to have a stop at.

After Dharwad we turned towards Goa via Anmod Ghat.

We arrived in Goa approximately at 7pm. We straight away drove to our hotel which was ITC Grand.


We spent the entire day at the hotel. The hotel is a nice property and one can spend time there. It is adjacent to a beach and a nice pool.


We decided to drive towards the Panaji and look at some places. We went to Basilica De Bom Jesus, Tower of St. Augustine. These are nice places to visit, and one can spend some time there. Basilica does get very crowded while the tower is empty.

After these two places we went to the restaurant Copperleaf and had our lunch there. Then we decided to drive to Fort Aguada. 

Fort Aguada gets very crowded. So, we quickly went around the place and left for our hotel.

We spent rest of the day leisurely at our hotel.


We had decided to leave the place after our breakfast. We got ready, checked out and left the hotel at 11:20 AM. We had to topup the car which we did before getting out of Goa and then we drove towards Bengaluru. 

3:20 PM We stopped at Shell petrol bunk near Hubbali and topped up our car again and had a small tea break. Shell petrol stations are nice places for a tea break. 

5:25 PM We stopped at Shri Guru Kottureshwara Butter Dosa Hotel in Davangere and had our late lunch there. There are two adjacent shops with identical signage and name and there is really no way for somebody to tell which is the original one. If you want to go to this shop you will find two entries on google map, choose the one that is say opposite medical college.

We continued driving from there to our home and reached around 10:00pm.

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