Tuesday 7 June 2022

Summer 2022 -- Really Hot

Summer 2022, I decided to drive to Bhopal and then decide if I wanted to go somewhere further. There was a wedding to attend in Sagar, MP.

14-May-2022 I started early morning (4:40 AM) towards Hyderabad. 8:30 am I crossed Ananthpur and stopped at Cafe Coffee Day near Gooty. 12:45 PM I reached Hyderabad Outer Ring road. 2:30 PM I reached the Cafe Coffee Day near Nagulapally. After a brief stopover as a lunch break, I continued on. Finally at 7:50 PM I arrived in Le Meredien, Nagpur which was the stop for the night.

15-May-2022 Next day morning I took it easy. Since my destination was Bhopal, I decided to leave after breakfast. Left the hotel around 8:15 am. Drove pretty much non-stop and arrived in Bhopal at 2:15 PM.
20-May-2022 This was the day I had to attend a wedding in Sagar. Left Bhopal around 4:00 pm and arrived in Sagar at 7:00 pm. The evening was spent at the wedding venue and left from the wedding at 1:00 am

23-May-2022 Finally it was time to leave Bhopal. Earlier I had planned on visiting some of  the fort towns in Rajasthan but it was too hot. The temperature was touching almost 40 degree celsius on some of the days. I decided to head back to Bhopal where the weather had turned pleasant. At 4:20 am I left Bhopal. Crossed Nagpur city around 8:45 am. Drove pretty much non-stop and stopped for Lunch at 2:00 PM  at a restaurant around 1 hour before Hyderabad. After an hour break and lunch, left for Hyderabad and arrived in Hyderabad at 4:15 pm. For a moment I thought I could continue to Bhopal, but decided against it and checked in to Fairfield by Marriot near Gachibowli.
24-May-2022 Checked out of the hotel and started the journey towards Bengaluru. Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day before Ananthpur at 1:00pm. Had a small lunch there and then continued driving towards Bengaluru. I was running low on petrol, so stopped at Shell Petrol Pump near Aroor at 4:30pm. After refuel and a tea, continued towards Bengaluru and arrived home at 6:30pm

The total journey was around 3,500 kilometers.

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