Monday 21 August 2023

Summer 2023

 After returning back from Singapore, the very next day I decided to start my summer road trip. 

10-June-2023 We left after lunch with the goal of staying the night in Hyderabad. We stopped at McDonalds near Bengaluru airport to grab a takeaway lunch. After this we continued driving till Cafe Coffee Day 50 kilometers after Ananthpur. We arrive here at 6:05 PM.

After a small coffee and toilet break, we continued driving till Hyderabad. We had booked Hyatt in Gachibowli and stayed there for the night. A very strange incident happened in this hotel. The reception staff saw a camera in my hand and claimed that I cannot take the camera to my room and will have to deposit it with them. Of course, after some shouting, they let me take the camera to my room. But for this reason, I have decided to not book them anymore.

11-June-2023 We checked out from the hotel after our breakfast and continued towards Bhopal. We did pretty much non-stop drive for 5-6 hours and stopped at Vittal Kamath near Hinghanghat. This place is not great, but we had our kind of lunch there.

After this we again continued pretty much non-stop till Bhopal.

Next few days were spent in Bhopal in taking care of some stuff.
15-June-2023 We needed to visit my village which is in Sitapur district in UP. We started from Bhopal around 9 AM. 

We had packed lunch, so we stopped at the roadside and had our lunch and then continued till we crossed Kanpur. We stopped somewhere on Kanpur Lucknow Road for a small tea break and then continued till we reached our hotel in Lucknow.

We retired for the day. 

16-June-2023 The next day, we started after breakfast towards Sitapur. We reached our village around 12:30 PM. We stayed there till 6:20 PM and then returned back to Lucknow.

17-June-2023 Next day, we started back towards Bhopal. rather than going from Kanpur, we decided to drive towards Agra expressway and joined Bundelkhand expressway at Etawah. I found this road to be a better option rather than dealing with the current mess of Lucknow Kanpur Road.

18-June-2023 We left Bhopal to go to Noida. Took the usual road of going towards Guna, Gwalior, Agra. Started from Bhopal at 8:00 AM. Reached K2 Square Highway Treat near Guna at 10:20 AM. Had my breakfast there. It is a pretty good place to stop. 

After that continued towards Noida, After around six hours of drive, stopped at the food street on Yamuna Expressway. Had a small coffee break. Finally arrived in Noida at 7:15 PM.

Stayed in Noida till 22nd. Started on the reverse journey on 22nd June.

22-June-2023 Started at 7:15 AM, stopped at the fuel station on Yamuna Expressway and had a coffee break in Starbucks. After that short coffee break, continued on YEW, crossed Agra and stopped on a dhaba after gwalior. After a lunch break, continued towards guna and stopped at same K2 Square Highway Treat. Finally arrived back in Bhopal around 7:30 PM.

30-June-2023 Started from Bhopal for the final return journey to Bengaluru. Left Bhopal at 6:00 AM. Stopped at Hotel Meghna and Restaurant near Betul around 9:00 AM. This place is very close to where the four lane starts. 

Around 3:20 PM stopped at Sardar Ji Family Dhaba to have some lunch. Finally arrived in Hotel Oakwood at 7:20 PM.

01-July-2023 Checked out the hotel after the lunch and continued towards Bengaluru. Around 4:30 PM near Kurnool stopped at Hyderabad Chefs for a small break. At 6:10 PM, arrived in cafe coffee day and had a small break there. 

After the break in CCD, continued driving and arrived at home at 11:45 PM just before midnight.

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