Friday 26 January 2024

Christmas 2023

During Christmas of 2023 we did this interesting road trip from Bengaluru to north part of country. This is a travelog detailing that trip.

21-December-2023 I started from Bengaluru. The plan was to reach Hyderabad. The road near Telangana - Maharashtra border generally has potholes so I did not want to drive there in the night. So I decided to stay in Hyderabad and then continue onwards the next day.

22-December-2024 I started from Hyderabad after breakfast and the plan was to reach Bhopal by the end of the day. It was comparatively easy drive since the distance was not really very high. 

24-December-2023 After a day's rest in Bhopal, started towards Noida. It was a even less drive. I reached noida by the end of the day.

25-December-2023 Another day's rest in Noida and then I was ready to drive onwards towards Dehradun. Noida to Dehradun is a very easy drive. Roads are good and distance is not too much.

26-December-2023 It was a local excursion day in Dehradun. We walked up to Shashradhara and enjoyed a bit there.

27-December-2023 Another local excursion day in Dehradun. We visited Forest Research Institute and Guccupani Robbers Cave. Both are interesting places and you should visit them if you are in Dehradun. The purpose of our visit to Dehradun was to visit a friends place.

28-December-2023 Now that we were done with Dehradun, we have to start travelling back. But before we could go towards our home, we had to visit our village near Khajuraho. So we left for Khajuraho the next day.

29-December-2023 We had some official business to attend to in Chhatarpur and Nowgong so the first day was spend there.

30-December-2023 We drove to the village near Harpalpur, spent some time there and were back in Khajuraho by the end of the day. But first we needed a stopover in Chhatarpur.

After taking care of business in Chhatarpur we were on the road to the village.

The village Baindo is comparative a affluent village. Here are some drone shots.

31-December-2023 As the last day of the year arrive, we started our travel back to Bengaluru. The first stop was to reach Bhopal. I spent few days in Bhopal.

05-January-2024 Started early from Bhopal onwards towards Hyderabad. Reached hyderabad by the end of the day.

06-January-2024 Started after breakfast towards Bengaluru.

The total journey was around 6200 kilometer.

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