Wednesday 13 May 2015

Druk Diaries: Day 13 - Thimphu to Paro

Finally the trip was entering the last phase. We had to move to our last destination, i.e. Paro. Five star luxury coupled with the fact that we were on the road for more than 10 days now, we decided to take it easy.

11:30 AM Checked out and left the hotel and straight away we were on Thimphu-Paro highway. This is probably the best road in Bhutan and drive is both scenic  and pleasurable.
The speed limits on this highway, for that matter any highway in Bhutan, is 50Kph. You can see others driving really fast.
12:30 PM Reached Chuzom and crossed the bridge to go towards paro.
We had booked ourselves in Tiger Nest Resort near Tiger Nest Monastery. The hotel is little outside the town so we decided to visit the Dzong and then go to hotel so that we don't have to travel back the same day.
1:00 PM We stopped near Dzong. We stopped near the market. We later realized that there is another road right till the top which is near the Dzong. We had to trek-up the hill to reach the Dzong. While climbing the hill, we struck conversation with a gentleman who mentions that he travels regularly to Bangalore.
On reaching the Dzong, the security asked us for permits, we had left the permits in the car. The gentleman that was walking with us, requested them to let us go, so they noted down the license number and let us go inside. Saved us a trek back down to the parking.

Here is a photosphere of Paro Dzong.



Mermaids, I guess

Dzong entrance

Courtyard of Dzong

View of town and market


View of market and town

View of river and town from Dzong

The four harmonious friends
Story of four harmonious friends
At first, there was just the bird, and the tree was just a little sprout. The bird could scratch around on the ground and find little bits of plant to eat. The bird was unable to fly, so the bird could only eat what it could find near to the ground. As the tree grew, it became difficult for the bird to get enough food to eat.

Then, the rabbit came. The rabbit would eat what was on the ground and would lift the bird up on his back so that the bird could reach the growing tree. In this way, they both had enough to eat. However, as the tree continued to grow, it started to become too high for the bird, even on the back of the rabbit.

Then, the monkey came. The monkey could climb up into the tree and drop the fruit from the tree onto the ground for the rabbit and the bird. However, it was difficult to get to the fruit at the very top of the tree.

Then, the elephant came. With the elephant, if all the animals helped each other, they could reach the fruit at the top of the tree; and, in this way, there was plenty for all of them to eat.

The reason the four animals worked so harmoniously together and the reason they were successful is that none of them was primarily concerned with getting enough food for themselves. Each of them was concerned with trying to help the others to get what they needed. Rather than being dominated by selfish concern, they were dominated by cherishing others.

Also, the reason they were successful is that they were willing to ask for help and to receive help. In this way, the bird is considered the hero of the story. The bird was the most fragile and needed the most help.

Because the bird was willing to ask for help and because the others were happy to help the bird, everything worked out very nicely.

View of the river from Dzong

Me climbing down from Paro Dzong
After a tour through the Dzong, we left towards our resort. We stopped by in the market for customary shopping by family.
Paro market main street

Paro market main street
4:30 PM We left from market towards the hotel and reached in 15 minutes. Paro was significantly more chilly compared to Thimphu.

We had planned on staying at Tiger Nest Resort. Here is my review of the place.

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