Friday 13 October 2017

Day 4 -- Ludhiana to Jammu

The plan was to get to the show room, get the breaks repaired and then continue to Amritsar. But unfortunately the service center took close to 8 hours to just repair breaks, they also found a gear box mount that needed to be replaced.
10:00 AM Reached Krishna BMW on outskirts of Ludhiana. I explained to them that I have to drive really long and can they just replace the breakpads of my car quickly.
They had to create a customer profile, which took 2 hours for them to create.
2:00 PM We were told that break pads are almost fixed but they have found a broken gear box mount that needs to be replaced. They said it will take 2 hours to 2:30 hours.
6:30 PM Car was fixed and delivered.
We shelved the plan to go to Amritsar and directly continue to Jammu.
We had skipped dinner and were looking for some place to have good food. Surprisingly one doesn't find as many dhabas on this route.
8:00 PM Found this place called JD Restaurant, stopped for dinner.
11:30 PM We reached Jammu, checked into Hotel Lords Inn. Here is my review of the place.

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