Friday 3 December 2021

Karnataka Architecture Marvels - Day 2 - Diwali 2021


This day was for sightseeing in Vijaypura. We had our breakfast at the hotel, got ready and started around 11am and headed straight to Gol Gumbaj which was the primary attraction for the day.

Gol Gumbaj is magnificence of architecture. It is one of the largest domes across the world. The area covered by this dome is largest in the world. The site is primarily a mausoleum. 

The building has some very interesting acoustic qualities.

We spent around two hours in Gol Gumbaz and left the place around 1:30 pm. We were hungry and we went in search of the food. We found a restaurant called Sigri. It was a copy of Barbecue Nation in terms of concept. But the food was decent.

After lunch, we went in search of Bara Kaman. This is the tomb of Ali Roza. It looks like a building that was started but never completed. It was deserted and there was just a security guard.

This place has no parking so you need to search for a parking in the market area and then walk up to this place.

After spending some time in Bara Kaman, we walked up to Gagan Mahal. In is near Bara Kaman. The place is really dilapidated right now and not at all maintained. The lawns of Gagan Mahal are used like a large picnic place by the people.

After Gagan Mahal, we called it a day. It was already around 5pm. We drove back to our hotel. We had dinner and retired for the day. 

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