Friday 4 March 2022

10 Day Trip to Madhya Pradesh from Delhi

 Earlier I wrong a blog on what you should you see if you have 7 days to visit MP starting from Delhi. I felt that 7 days is too little a time to do justice. So I am doing another post assuming you had 10 days. See the earlier post here.

Sanchi Stupa No 1

Bhim Betka

10 Day Itinerary
I am assuming that you have not visited MP at all the if you are the first timer visiting MP and have 7 days at your disposal, your itinerary might look something like below.

  • Day 1 -- Start from Delhi early morning and look out for Mitaoli, Padavali and Bateswar after crossing Morena. Here is a blog from my trip to these places. The first place to visit would be Mitaoli and then other two places are nearby. After finishing these places you can drive on to Gwalior and stay there for the night. If you have time left you can do some local sighseeing in Gwalior. In Gwalior must see places are the museum and Rani Jhansi's samadhi
  • Day 2 -- You can use your mornings to finish off places in Gwalior and then carry on to Orccha. It is not a long drive,  Here is my blog from an earlier trip when I travelled from Gwalior to Orccha. Orccha has good MP Tourism properties for stay and you can use them to stay.
  • Day 3 -- Finish up on any sighseeing in the morning and then leave for Khajuraho. Khajuraho attractions close down at sunset so you might not reach in time to see anything. Here is my earlier trip on travel to Khajuraho.
  • Day 4 -- Temples in Khajuraho open at sunrise, so get up early and visit the western group of temples. It would take probably 2-3 hours there. Once done you can leave for Bhopal. You should reach Bhopal by evening. Since you will be passing through Sanchi, if you can reach Sanchi before sunset, it would be a good use of time to visit Sanchi. There is Udaygiri caves as well closeby. Depending on time availability, you can choose to visit them. Here is one of my trips to Sanchi and Udaigiri. You should reach Bhopal for the night stay.
  • Day 5 -- Stay in Khajuraho and visit nearby places. A visit to Panna national park is a must and Chitrakoot is also an interesting place to visit. You can either keep your base at Khajurao or stay in Panna and visit these places.
  • Day 6 -- Stay in Bhopal and finish local attractions. Some of the must visit places are Bhim Betka, Bhojpur temple, Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Tribal Museum, State Museum and a visit to the lake in the night.
  • Day 7 -- Most people who wish to travel to MP have Ujjain (Mahakaleswar) and Omkareswar in their itinerary. So this day can be used to complete that circuit. The target should be to visit Ujjain and Omkareswar. You can add Maheswar also to the itinerary. Depending on the time you can also visit Hanuwantiya island. Good MP tourism places to stay are available in Ujjain, Omkareswar and Maheswar
  • Day 8 -- Drive to Indore and Do local sighseeing in Indore. If you feel like it, you can also visit Mandu (Mandav)
  • Day 9 -- Stay in Indore for local sighseeing and food circuit. Keep on evening/might for visiting sarafa for night food market.
  • Day 10 -- This day can be used for return journey from Indore to Delhi.

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